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Welcome to our Ecovillage Community! Vancouver Ecovillage is an ONLINE eco-conscious community dedicated to rethinking our habit patterns about how we live on this earth, of food, of power, of garbage, sewage, and housing, at best to come into balance, for ethical and survival reasons. We also have several hands-on projects spread throughout Greater Vancouver which promote our ecoCulture and vision. 


Eco Vision


We envision a city where economic development is based on shared, efficient and sustainable use of natural resources - a city where people join forces across neighborhoods to alleviate and rectify the degradation on many levels caused by the greed and ignorance of the past. We enable Vancouver residents to take the “green” initiative further by helping them find the resources and develop the skills necessary to make changes in the way they live, work and play. We especially support them in making daily lifestyle choices that have a positive impact on their personal health, the health of their families and the health of our environment.

What is Green EcoNomy?


Green Economy Online

When sustainability is viewed as being a matter of survival for your business, I believe you can create massive change. (Cameron Sinclair)

Future ecoBIZ Directory


Vancouver Ecovillage aims to build a thriving eco-conscious economy by helping local "green" businesses connect with a loyal client base. Therefore our ecoBIZ Directory is an online directory of all the local resources (products/services) that support Vancouver residents in living a sustainable lifestyle.


We support market-based solutions to environmental problems by providing a platform to promote innovative, clean and efficient technologies. We help companies compete in markets that were previously beyond their reach, benefiting especially small enterprises to gain exposure to a wider audience. The directory enables direct contact between suppliers and customers as well as potential business partners across Canada and the US, thus assisting the acceleration and expansion of the Green⁄Clean-tech business sector market share.

Our aim is to help consumers make a positive impact through ethical purchasing, by presenting users with a range of choices and "green" alternatives such as organic and sustainable fair-trade products.

ecoBIZ Card

The ecoBIZ Directory is linked to this discount shopping card that allows Vancouverites to save on directory products and services.

Future ecoBUZZ Newsletter


The ecoBUZZ Newsletter will promote local green businesses and services by prominently featuring their eco-products/services and by educating readers on the sustainability of each.


EocoBUZZ will serve as a Community Calendar for local green event listings.


EcoBUZZ will also serve as a platform for giving updates on Vancouver Ecovillage volunteer activities and projects such as Food-Share, Trade Services, Pay-It-Forward, Happiness Activisim, Help a Neighbour and Compassion Club for Animals.


Future ecoBIZ Social Media


EcoBIZ Facebook and Twitter will cultivate community by connecting Vancouverites with local Eco-Businesses and Services through the common goal of sustainability. Special recognition will be given to those who reach high standards in environmental protection geared to prevent and minimize solid waste, air, and water pollution.


Both Facebook and Twitter will serve as a Community Calendar for local green event listings.



The ecoKIDZ project seeks to connect our youth with Green Economy. As green businesses grow they create more job openings for young people entering the workforce. It is crucial therefore that our youth have the opportunity to learn about them first hand through volunteering for them or attending workshops, in order to be adequately prepared to enter the green labor force.


In turn, businesses working to educate youth will benefit by amplifying their client base through the mutually beneficial rapport with parents, teachers and community programs.


Safari 4 ecoKIDZ


Since a sustainable future begins with educating our children, we are committed to teaching children how to appreciate and care for our unique ecology and environment. Our Safari 4 ecoKIDZ will not only teach children to spot for birds and animals but will educate them on the importance of conserving our natural ecosystems, soil, and water. 

Hands-On Projects


Permaculture Gardening as Therapy


Our Permaculture Gardening Project in Burnaby aims to grow more than an Urban Food Forest. It is well known that Garden Therapy benefits the mind, has effects of stress relief, improved mood and emotional well being. We provide the opportunity for renewed mental and physical health and social connection through cooperation and teamwork.

Open gardem with different types of vegetables

Future for Vancouver Ecovillage

Our Future Goal is to create a small ecovillage in Vancouver which is completely self-sustainable in terms of agricultural food production, operating on renewable energy with rainwater collection and biological sewage systems. Our focus will be to create a model which is economically sustainable, unencumbered by debt and largely unaffected by the economic ups and downs with which our city is afflicted. An important objective will be to build a close-knit community which has the common dream of building this village together based on sharing, giving and laughter.