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Our Fostering Program is called Foster Pets Rock! because our volunteers provide foster care for animals in distress when patients at hospitals and hospices have no way of caring for their animals at home.


Frequently these animals are taken to shelters where an uncertain fate awaits them and the patients never see their beloved pets again.


Our volunteers foster these animals at their homes and take them to see their owners in hospital so patients are never deprived of the wonderful love of their pets. This often provides much comfort andhelps relieve the anxiety many patients feel which indeed helps in their recovery process.


Please help us by volunteering or donating to our program

Vita the Bulldog and Max the Cat were rescued by our program. They both have very special stories to tell you that will warm your heart... 


READ their amazing rescue stories and find out why these Foster Pets Rock! 

Our Foster Program is entirely community based with neighbours and friends helping. Moreover, Vancouver ecoVillage covers the costs of food and medical care for all the animals, so that patients have no additional worries during their recovery.


This program brings volunteers together with the elderly and disabled, children and adults. Through petting, affection, and regular visitation, many patients benefit both physically and emotionally from the unconditional love of their dog or cat.


Vancouver ecoVillage is a registered Non-Profit organiza-tion focusing on making our communities healthier, happier and more humane. Please help support our campaign to provide ongoing medical care and proper nourishment for the dogs and cats who bring us closer together through their love.


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