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Life with Dogs

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April 28, 2018

"There is no way that this is going to work," I thought to myself as I looked at the confusion around me. It was a large open room with a collection of sofas scattered about. A total of eight dog handlers and a dozen therapy dogs filled the room, with a therapy dog han...


Legendary primatologist Jane Goodall, Ph.D. delivers an inspiring message that goes beyond preserving the environment. This year's Earth Day Doodle comes with a special "message to the citizens of the world" from Jane Goodall, whose work studying chimpanzees has...


We know dogs have a powerful sense of smell and while we can just about smell a spoonful of sugar in a cup of tea, our canine friends are capable of smelling that same spoonful in two Olympic swimming pools of water. Research at the Schillerhohe Hospital in Germ...

Did you know that all dogs yearn for a purpose and need lots of mental stimulation - even older dogs? Our family dog is almost 6 years old. While that converts to roughly 45 in human years, she has already entered her golden years and in the dog world is considered sen...

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