Please Donate to our Therapy Dogs who have Lost Everything They Had!

Our therapy dogs provide love and support through mental health wellness sessions in schools and hospices

Between Sunday night and Wednesday night over $25,000 worth of equipment was stolen from our work-van after a therapy dog event at UBC (police report VA19-114048). Our van was parked at Henshaw lane at Cardero st. (West End). All of the custom-made harnesses, leashes, collars, ID badges, cooling-gel dog-mats, equipment bags and purses for 50 of our therapy dogs were all stolen. Even the only dog stroller we had for one of our handicapped therapy dogs was stolen. We are completely devastated! We have several therapy dog events coming up on Monday and every week in June but now the therapy dogs will have none of their needed harnesses or equipment. 

See News Reports: The ProvinceCBC News, Global NewsVancouver Sun, Daily Hive

Here is an approximate list and photos of what was taken:


1) 50 custom-made embroidered harnesses 

2) 50 red dog leashes with 2 embroidered patches sewn on each side

3) 50 red dog collars with bells and bows

4) 50 ID Badges (similar to credit cards)

5) 50 new cooling gel dog mats (brand: Outward Hound and Coleman) in bright green, orange, red, blue

6) Multiple bags including large RED Ski Bag

7) Animal Face Purses - Brand New

8) DOGGER Dog Stroller - used for our handicapped therapy dog MEATBALL

Ways to Donate

Vancouver ecoVillage is relying on your generosity and compassion to help us overcome this terrible tragedy. 


We are a registered Non-Profit (Reg. S-0064663) so please donate with confidence with your credit-card or Paypal.


1)Use Interac or Email transfer to donate to our account at (preferred)


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3) Send Personal Cheques payable to

Vancouver Ecovillage

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Your gift, no matter the size, will have a real impact on our ability to keep providing much needed emotional support and companionship via therapy dog mental health wellness sessions at schools and nursing homes across Greater Vancouver. 

Your Gifts Mean the World to Every One of Us! 


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