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Elsee theTherapy Dog

Recently Elsee broke her rear leg playing soccer and will need to undergo a serious leg operation. Her leg needs to be cut and re-aligned with a thick metal plate and screws which will hold the bones in place. We're relying on your generosity and compassion to help Elsee get the corrective surgery she needs. Please give what you can afford so Elsee can walk pain free and continue to provide love and emotional support to the hospice patients who eagerly wait for her visits each week.

Your gift means the WORLD to Elsee and the people she helps!

A Therapy Dog is born not made. One can teach a dog good obedience but one cannot change a dog's inherent temperament. Five-year-old therapy dog ELSEE is a very special and loving French Bulldog offering unconditional love, company and cuteness to patients and loved ones trying to cope. Working with Vancouver EcoVillage, Elsee supports individuals with Brain Injury, Dementia, Depression and Anxiety disorders. 

Elsee is a mother dog who has had 6 puppies so she is naturally nurturing and comforting to people in distress. Weighing 30 lbs, she leans heavily against people who she senses need her warmth and affection. She has a surprisingly calm disposition and stands perfectly still even around small children and babies that pull her ears and are unpredictable. One of her most endearing qualities is that Elsee loves to look you deep in your eyes and I'm quite sure she can see your very soul. No amount of training can teach altruism to an animal. That is why therapy dogs are born and not made. 

Watch CTV News report about why Elsee needs your help. 

Watch CTV Report about why our Pet Therapy works


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Please help Elsee with a secure etransfer so there are no credit-card fees charged. Cheques can be made out to Vancouver Ecovillage and mailed to: PO BOX 99900 SQ 450 601 RPO Denman Place Vancouver BC V6G 0B4

See how Elsee, together with he life-long companion Mango, work in the community to help people in need of emotional support and the special love of a dog during these critical times.  (Click to enlarge photos 🔍)



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