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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1. How can I sign up for a food box?

Sign up here - ONE time only.

2. What if there is food in my box I don't want?

Any food from your box (ie. bread) can be left at the same place you picked up your box (or feel free to compost).

3. Where do I send the money?

Send $50/box order via etransfer to our email address.

(Extra proteins like steak, chicken, pork, turkey, fish, cheese may be available for 40%-50% off label price - book in advance)

4. What do I say in the etransfer message? 

1) What kind of box you'd like (box with meat or vegetarian etc.)
2) 4:30 pm pick-up at 3205 Fraser St. or Your Address for West End home delivery (8-9 pm)
3) Your phone number


5. Where can I pick-up?

Pick up at 3502 Fraser St. (back entrance off 19th Ave) at 4:30 pm every Sunday. Ask about West End pick up if needed.

6. Can I get home delivery?

  • Get free delivery if you live near English Bay on Sunday between 8-9 pm (times may vary);

  • Get free delivery if you order a minimum of 5 boxes together - Vancouver only.

  • Get delivery for $20 if you live in Vancouver (not Burnaby, New West, Poco, Surrey, Richmond, or Delta).

7. What can I do to volunteer? (See duties above) 

Volunteers receive priority and anyone volunteering is guaranteed a box on the same day as long as orders have been paid.

8. What can I expect from a food box?

- The stores donate items they can't sell such as perishables, ugly fruit or slightly damaged vegetables which are still perfectly edible. Expect to find a small portion of your box that is unusable like a few squashed bananas, a customer return or something expired. You can compost these items. 

- These boxes are not supposed to replace your weekly grocery shopping. They are something additional to add to what you usually buy. 

- BEST BEFORE dates are not Expiry Dates. "Best before" refers to peak freshness and you can expect your food to be fresh even after the best before date. (Watch short video)

- We can't guarantee you will receive meat or fresh vegetables each week because it depends on what we receive. 

- Expect the unexpected.


9. Are you taking away food that should be going to help the poor?

NO.  We ONLY pick up food that is diverted to landfill, and we're not in competition with any food bank or other program that serves the poor.

10. How much food is thrown into the trash?

It's a simple fact that half of all food produced in Canada is sent to the landfill. We rescue less than 1% of the food that is thrown in the trash every day. Food waste is a problem we all need to engage in to prevent excess CO2/ methane poisoning. 


11. Why isn't the food given away free?

We operate a cost recovery by charging a fee per box. Your $50 goes towards operational costs like transport, insurance, storage, and refrigeration, but the food is free.

12. Why did I get less food this week than last time?

You may receive less food in your box than on other weeks, depending on the donations we receive. We try to balance the variety of food in your box and may have difficulty when we get a large quantity of one item ie. tomatoes. Therefore, you may get a heaping box of food on some weeks and an even box on others. 

13. Why can't I get a tax receipt for my $50?

A tax receipt cannot be given when you receive goods in exchange for your money. But a tax receipt can be given for monetary donations over $100. 

14. Will you charge sales tax?

No. Sale of rescued food is not eligible for sales tax like GST/PST.


Why we THANK YOU!  

Thank you for joining our food rescue efforts to clean up our environment. Remember that half of all food produced in Canada ends up in the landfill, creating more poisonous gases than all the vehicles and factories combined.  

You're making an important difference by helping to save this food – thank you! 

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