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How will RESCUING Help You?

One dog and two cats are put down EVERY MINUTE in Canada

How will Rescuing an Animal Help You?


One of the best reasons to rescue a dog or cat rather than buy a puppy or kitten is the very fact that the decision in it's own right can be the start of feeling more positive about yourself. Deciding to rescue an abandoned animal is an incredible act of human kindness and generosity that gives another living being a chance for a new beginning and a caring loving home.

Dog Importation Crisis in Canada


Our Foster Pets Program encourages Canadians to shop for their family pet across Canada and to choose a rescued pet. The numbers of rescued dogs coming into Canada while our dogs are being euthanized is overwhelming. There are many Foster Dog organizations and volunteers across Canada fostering thousands of dogs from US, Mexico, Korea, Taiwan, Egypt, Israel and many vacation hot-spots like the Caribbean. Read More...

It's no coincidence that we feel good about ourselves when we hand back a possession that someone has dropped or tell a shop assistant when they give us too much change back. Honesty is one of many positive traits that are considered positive, ethical behaviour and are therefore valued in society. Its human nature to feel good about displaying these positive behaviours.


Nothing could be easier than walking into a pet store and impulsively walking out with a cute puppy, but why should you feel good about yourself for an act of self gratification? While good ethical breeders do exist, there are many more unscrupulous ones that pay little regard to the welfare of the pregnant mothers and callously discard unsold puppies, the lucky ones may make it to a rescue home.


Choosing a less easy path to rescue an abandoned dog desperately in need of a loving home is a deliberate act of will born of compassion. It requires conscious effort on your part to find a suitable dog and a commitment to improving the wellbeing of a vulnerable animal.  

Such a decision displays personal qualities of altruism, humanity, generosity, personal integrity and a certain inner strength of character - all admirable qualities and great reasons to feel good about yourself!


Rescuing a dog that has been badly treated or been unwanted can also bring out your nurturing instinct. Many people who adopt abandoned dogs can relate to the animal's predicament due to some of their own life experiences.  Offering  the care that a creature desperately needs, in a way that someone perhaps might not have received themselves when at some point in their own lives they needed it, and thereby creating a "happy ending" can be a very powerful and positive emotional experience.


Ultimately, adopting an unloved, unwanted animal can be a hugely rewarding experience. By taking the very step of choosing to do a morally "right and good" thing by deciding to rescue a dog rather than just buying one, you can also take the first step to raising your own self-esteem.


To find out more about the ways in which rescuing a dog can help your emotional and psychological wellbeing if you have suffered depression or other illness see how dogs help us.


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