Nature Safari 4 ecoKiDZ

Most children are unaware of the role they play in society. The concept of going green can create many opportunities for teachers and parents to bond with kids in the pursuit of a common goal. It can help build trust and good communication, and enhance a child’s creativity and self-confidence. Although the concept of social responsibility may seem too complex for very young children to understand, teaching them about how their actions impact the environment and the society they live in will help create awareness of their actions and the consequences of their choices. With the right information, children will find it educational and even fun to go green.


Since a sustainable future begins with educating our children, Vancouver ecoVillage is committed to teaching children how to appreciate and care for our unique ecology and environment. 


Our Nature Safari 4 ecoKiDZ is amazingly educational and we will teach children to spot many different species of birds including swans, blue herons and the magnificent bald-eagle. They will also discover raccoons, beavers, squirrels, skunks, bee-hives, birds nests and giant eagle nests and even old coyote dens. They will take part in flower and berry hunts and find shelter under enormous leaves used as umbrellas in South America. They will also traverse aboriginal spirit-lands and find holy relics of traditional ceremonies and ancient sculptures carved into rocks and trees, and they will learn about their mythological legends and tribal stories.

In our exciting Safari we offer Outdoor Environmental Education lessons based on the life cycles of plants and animals. We explore how animals, plants and trees grow, change and behave and how they adapt to their preferred habitats and varying climatic conditions. We engage in in-depth study of amphibians, birds, fish, insects, mammals and reptiles with instruction across multiple disciplines as we focus on exploring, discovering, and observing nature. We also delve into the properties and conservation of soil and water resources and examine wildlife within aquatic ecosystems.

Our Popular Activities

BIRDS - identify at least 10 different species including swans and the large blue heron

NESTS - can you find where the swans, herons, jays and blackbirds lay their eggs?

EAGLES - spot the majestic white -headed bald eagles and find out why they sit in the tallest trees

GIANT TREES - how do you tell the difference between the towering Douglas Firs, Sitka Spruces & Western Hemlocks?

EAGLE NESTS - spot them and explain why these monumental nests are always at the dizzying tops of giant trees? 

GIANT LEAVES - stand under enormous leaves used as umbrellas in S. America - why are they so thick & spongy?

RACCOONS - meet the furry masked inhabitants that scavenge the parks day and night 

FLOWERS - hunt for 10 varieties of flowers and see if you can be the first to find them!

SQUIRRELS - watch your guide interact with large squirrels & tiny red squirrels - observe their difference in behaviour

LEAVES - learn about the edible leaves in the forest and try to distinguish between them

FISH - visit the hatcheries & explain how salmon are spawned; why do the large carp come up to the banks at dusk?

BERRIES - pick & eat sweet black-berries & salmon-berries full of natural goodness - learn to make jam 

BEEHIVES - watch bees collect nectar from nearby gardens – how do they convert the nectar into pure honey?

FEED - hand-feed chickadees & redwing blackbirds - observe their different personalities as they land on your hand

BUTTERFLIES - observe the amazing butterflies that flutter under the forest canopy and notice their colours

ABORIGINAL CARVING - discover stones & rocks carved into sculptures by ancient aboriginals marking their spirit-lands – what were their meanings & legends?

COYOTES - visit the dens abandoned by coyotes and see how they lived – why do they prefer to make their dens under-ground rather than above ground?

LILY SWAMPS - how can ducklings walk on lily pads as they make their way through hundreds of brightly coloured lilies?

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