Pawsome Howloween Costumes 2017

They are the furriest of fashionistas, the sultans of sweet; they are the fabulous, famous pets of Vancouver ecoVillage. These tail-wagging trendsetters are an inspiration to their fluffy brethren. The Vancouver ecoVillage Therapy Dogs LOVE Halloween!

[Vancouver ecoVillage Therapy Dogs: (left to right) Peaches - Poodle, Ginny - Maltese, Charlie lab, Vita - Frenchie, Cubby - Pom, Charlie, Danny, Breeze, Cassie - shelties, Mac papillon and Stanley Coren's Ripley King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and Ranger Duck Tolling Retriever]

These adorable and super sweet pups love to dress up, be noticed, admired, and most of all petted by everyone they meet. Since these pooches go sans apparel most of the time, Halloween is an important holiday to take stock of each animal’s personal style.

[Left to right: Ranger - Duck Tolling Retriever, Ripley - King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, Cubby - Pom X, Shelties: Charlie, Danny, Breeze, Cassie, last but not least Mac - Papillon.]

But this year, these therapy pups have a special mission. They would like to thank all their Facebook and Instagram friends for their love and support through the year and show that we have the most PAWSOME friends in the whole world!

While it is too late to get these Halloween outfits for your pet in 2017, you now have 364 days to plan until next year...

Here are our some of our all-time Halloween favourites

Vita (alias Meatball) Therapy Dog - Vancouver ecoVillage

Wilma and Rufio - Rufio Ricardo Fan Club

Twillow & Tala TDI Therapy Dogs - Twillow Roses & Tala Rain

Loulou and Bubba - Karen Radford