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Signs Of A Stressed Dog

Stress. Humans face it and so do dogs. However, while people are able to express them-selves, dogs communicate using subtle signs of body language. Have you ever noticed a dog suddenly turning away from you or starting to growl? Those might be signs of stress and showing it is not comfortable with the situation. At times inappropriate human behaviour causes stress for dogs.

What did you think about these tips on how to read body language? We’d love to hear from you! Leave your comments below and let us know!


Our PET EVENTS focusing on Mental Health Wellness have proven that interacting with affectionate dogs can reduce stress and anxiety, improve mood, lower blood-pressure and even decrease the perception of pain. These petting sessions offer students and staff who are feeling stressed and overwhelmed, the opportunity to increase socialization through interaction with dogs and people in a relaxing setting.


Do you have a gentle well-behaved dog who loves people and is nice to other dogs? You may want to find out about joining our Therapy Dog Program. Check our Requirements to see if you are a right match and contact us. Let's see whether your dog would be suitable to work as a Therapy Dog providing love and comfort to people in need in your community!

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