Pooches I Meet in the West End

My name is Mark Janssen and I work in a pet store on Denman Street in the heart of Vancouver's West End. We all have our good days and bad, but mine are mostly good because my clients come in all shapes, sizes, colours, barks, grunts, mews and howls.

Work is never boring and there is always something I know is going to brighten my day. So let me introduce you to some of my favourite customers and hope they bring you a smile too.

The Howler (Zoe)

She gets so excited the moment she steps into the Pet store. She looks right at you and gives a heartfelt howl. Zoe likes treats of course, but she loves to walk through the store and say Hi to as many people as possible.

Sweet Lips ( La La)

La La is as sweet as they come. She loves to visit and here she is working behind the counter greeting customers. Good job La La.

One is Never Enough (Merlin)

Little Merlin just can't get enough treats. Despite weighing about 8 pounds, this little darling has the ability to drag his parent two blocks. Merlin is one determined fellow.

The What the Heck Pooches

They arrive before opening or after closing and hold a sit in. The store may not be open but persistence and determination get the reward, as some of our visitors know. We love our visitors and when we see a sad faced locked out and hoping they get a treat, well, we make sure we do our best to make them happy before going home.