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V i ta theTherapy Dog


A Therapy Dog is born not made. One can teach a dog good obedience but one cannot change a dog's inherent temperament. Three-year-old therapy dog VITA is a French-English Bulldog Cross and according to the Vancouver Sun, offers unconditional love, company and cuteness to patients and loved ones trying to cope. Vita also supports people with Down Syndrome, Autism, PTSD and OCD including members from posAbilities and Spectrum Society for Community Living

Vita is accutely aware of people in pain and is particularly empathetic. Off-leash she will walk very slowly next to a patient with arthritis or who is just after surgery. She will lick patients with internal injuries in an attempt to heal them. In a group of people, she will usually accompany the last person in the group to make sure no one is left behind. No amount of training can teach altruism to an animal. That is why therapy dogs are born and not made. 



Nurse Robbin/Patient Frances Spooner
Bailward-20180907-Smooches for Pooches-6
Bud Sweeney & Karla Petre
Am I really that cute?
Enjoying a great tickle!
Heart patient Dave Cole
Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 9.19.50 AM
Tickles from Richard
Kisses to Sheila
Snuggling with Stacey
HIV Ward
How about a hug?
Love from nurses
A welcome scratch from baby
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