Why Does an Ecovillage Appeal to Us?

Vancouver Ecovillage is a deeply eco-conscious online "intentional" community dedicated to finding better solutions for permaculture, food share, renewable energy and better housing among others.


The urgent need to find affordable housing and the exorbitant cost of living for many of Vancouver’s residents is forcing them to give up their much loved city and move away. As many of Vancouver’s communities significantly lose young families and seniors on fixed incomes, they also lose vitality and a sense of generational continuity. Thus the lack of affordability imposes a burden on everyone, making Vancouver economically and socially unliveable. More importantly, for our residents finding community is as critical as obtaining food and shelter, since the need to belong is what makes us human. The isolation and loneliness of life in our city created by a true lack of community and interpersonal connections has permeated the lives of even the well-to-do, and is clearly not a symptom belonging only to the economically, socially, physically or mentally disadvantaged.

For many of us living here, the social isolation at times combined with financial hardship has been intolerable, and has resulted in a renewed interest in intentional communities. An intentional community or ecovillage has always been an appealing choice for like-minded people in Vancouver who seek to create a family-oriented and ecologically sustainable lifestyle. Residents are indeed profoundly aware that a multigenerational community that welcomes the values and input of each person is essential to our collective wellbeing, and for the future of our children.