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Don't Buy a Puppy - Rescue a Dog!

One dog and two cats are put down EVERY MINUTE in Canada

Our Foster Pets Program goal is to promote the rescue and adoption of abandoned animals and encourage animal welfare. We were recently horrified to receive an email from a guest telling us they had read our site and then bought a new puppy.

Why Rescue an Abandoned Dog or Cat?


The answer is simple - about 1 dog and 2 cats a minute are put down in Canada according to Canadian CFHS and SPCA statistics. That's 600,000 dogs euthanized out of 2 million homeless dogs and 4 million abandoned cats per year in Canada. Those are shocking statistics but what is even worse is how they are euthanized: lethal injection (the most humane), gas chambers, heart sticking and gun shot. 


There are thousands of animals waiting to enter rescues in every province and sadly, many Canadians are unaware of our homeless pet overpopulation. And in the recent economic climate that number is only likely to increase. Pets are often the first to suffer when household finances get too tight. 


While 40% of unwanted animals are successfully rehomed, tragically 60% are left unadopted and end up being put down. Charities constantly need loving responsible owners to offer a new home to these abandoned pets. Adopting a dog that had a difficult start to life can be incredibly rewarding for both the adopter and adoptee.

How will Rescuing an Animal Help You?


One of the best reasons to rescue a dog or cat rather than buy a puppy or kitten is the very fact that the decision in it's own right can be the start of feeling more positive about yourself. Deciding to rescue an abandoned animal is an incredible act of human kindness and generosity that gives another living being a chance for a new beginning and a caring loving home. Choosing a less easy path to rescue an abandoned dog desperately in need of a loving home is a deliberate act of will born of compassion. Read More...

Dog Importation Crisis in Canada


Our Foster Pets Program encourages Canadians to shop for their family pet across Canada and to choose a rescued pet. The numbers of rescued dogs coming into Canada while our dogs are being euthanized is overwhelming. There are many Foster Dog organizations and volunteers across Canada fostering thousands of dogs from US, Mexico, Korea, Taiwan, Egypt, Israel and many vacation hot-spots like the Caribbean. Read More...