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V i ta theTherapy Dog

Needs Surgery & Your Help

Vita the Therapy Dog supports dozens of people each week. She helps hospital patients, students and even people with Down Syndrome, Autism, PTSD and OCD to relieve anxiety and lower blood pressure. According to the Vancouver Sun, Vita the French-English bulldog, offers unconditional love, company and cuteness to patients and loved ones trying to cope.

Three-year-old Vita is acutely aware of people in pain and is particularly empathetic. Off-leash she will walk very slowly next to a patient with arthritis or who is just after surgery. She will lick patients with internal injuries in an attempt to heal them. In a group of people, she will usually accompany the last person in the group to make sure no one is left behind. No amount of training can teach that kind of altruism to an animal. That is why therapy dogs are born and not made. 

Now it's Vita's turn to ask for help. Vita has a torn knee ligament called ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) Disease which needs surgery. At the moment she is lame in one leg and her knee joint is degenerating. She may lose her leg permanently unless it is operated. The risk of not operating is that Vita risks losing her other leg to the same disease as well. The cost of the (subsidized) surgery is $5000 including post-surgery recovery treatment.

Vita is in a lot of pain and her leg is swollen. She limps on 3 legs but refuses to cry because she doesn't want to share her pain. She takes some pain medication which offers temporary relief but it's not a permanent solution. She sleeps most of the day hoping she will get better. Please help this special and deserving therapy dog get the medical care she needs. 

We are relying on your generosity and compassion to help Vita get the corrective surgery she needs.

Please give what you can afford so Vita can walk pain free and continue to provide love and emotional support to the hospital patients and others who eagerly wait for her visits each week.

Your gift means the WORLD to Vita

and the people she helps!

Help us raise money for Vita's Surgery






Days left

GOAL $5000

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With grateful thanks to donations raised to date:

Jean Hobbs, Vera Lagasse, Brent Babcock, Meghan Neathway, Dianne Penn, Diane Jones, Patricia Stevens, Susana Sueldo, Sylvia Thalakada, Shirley Wanigasekera, Ursula Andrade, Xander Hendriks, Tim Kuepfer, John McCone, Loshan Moonesinghe, ShirleyMae Shindler, Mark Bourque, Susan Gilbert, Ingrid Grant, Claire Bletcher   

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