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V i ta's Amazing Story

HELLO my name is VITA and I'm a French-English Bulldog cross. This is my story of how I was rescued and then became a therapy dog to help many people.

Two years ago some wonderful people saved my life when my dad was too sick to take care of me. They found me on the 22nd floor of an apartment building, in a metal pen with some kibble. (I had had no choice but to pee and poop in the same pen, and I hated that!) I hadn't been outside or seen anyone for weeks. So, when I first went to my new home, I was afraid. When I was taken outside, I was frightened of other animals, so I growled and barked at them to stay away, and chased any that got too close. I also didn't feel like eating and lost lots of weight. But I soon found that my foster-mum was amazing! She was very patient with me and fed me by hand. She cooked me yummy meals with beef, lamb, pork and my favourite - roast chicken! I soon gained my weight back, and stopped being afraid. I stopped growling at other dogs and even ignored squirrels. My new mum was very proud of me!

My mum took me for dog-training every week, where I met other dogs and soon became one of the "dogs in the hood". I learned brand-new words like "sit, down, come, heel, turn and high-five." Over the next six months, I learned to do all those things plus a few tricks. I discovered I loved to play soccer and could even throw the ball back!

Watch me throw the ball back in this video

Mum said I gave her so much love and comfort that she wanted to share it with others. So, she took me for therapy dog training and 6 months later, I was certified as a therapy dog! I now work in hospitals, nursing homes, schools and I help people with Down Syndrome, Autism, PTSD and OCD including members from posAbilities and Spectrum Society for Community Living

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I am now the happiest dog in the world! However, one thing that makes me sad is that my mum has bad arthritis and rheumatism. So I walk slowly next to her on the stairs when she has difficulty climbing. I wish I were bigger at those times, so she could lean on me. I put my head against her and press against her back when I'm sleeping, hoping that my warmth will somewhat ease her pain. Although I'm only 3 years old now, mum dicovered that I have a bad knee injury called cranial cruciate ligament disease (needing surgery) and a few other problems. Mum says it's not my fault and she makes sure I get all the medications I need. I know it's very expensive, so I try to make it up by giving her lots of love.

Vita broke her leg playing soccer and underwent a serious leg operation on Nov. 23, 2016 where her leg was cut and re-aligned with a thick metal plate and screws holding the bones in place. Now she requires the same surgery on her other leg which is also broken and we're relying on your generosity and compassion to help Vita get the corrective surgery she needs. Please give what you can afford so Vita can walk pain free and continue to provide love and emotional support to the hospital patients and others who eagerly wait for her visits each week.

Your gift means the WORLD to Vita

and the people she helps!

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GOAL $5000

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With grateful thanks to donations raised to date:

Jean hobbs, Vera Lagasse, Brent Babcock, Meghan Neathway, Dianne Penn, Diane Jones, Patricia Stevens, Susana Sueldo, Sylvia Thalakada, Shirley Wanigasekera, Ursula Andrade, Xander Hendriks, Tim Kuepfer, John McCone, Loshan Moonesinghe, ShirleyMae Shindler, Mark Bourque, Susan Gilbert, Ingrid Grant, Claire Bletcher   

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