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16 FEBRUARY 2016

Research has shown that spending time with a furry friend can improve mood and reduce stress. The BCIT Student Association has proven that the stress and anxiety of exams can be easily relieved by spending a few minutes enjoying the company of our cute and cuddly therapy dogs.


Puppies Snoozing
BCIT Student Association
Casha (Female Akita)
Vita the Therapy Dog
Getting Lots of Love
So, You Like My 2 Pups?
Danny the Sheltie
Kobe (Male Akita)
Jo the Black Lab
Emmie (Yorkie/Maltese Mix)
Tinker the Schipperke
Puppies are Natural Therapy Dogs
Kobe the Akita
Danny and Breeze (Shelties)
Peaches the Poodle
Willie The Bulldog
Willie the English Bulldog
Here's Looking at You Kid!
Emmie (Yorkie/Maltese Mix)
Kobe the Akita Just Chillin'
Vita the Therapy Dog
More Puppy Love
Jo the Perfect Therapy Dog

Photos by BCIT Student Association


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