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It is scientifically-proven that affectionate dogs can help lower anxiety, depression, improve mood and provide nurturing comfort. So, is DOG just GOD spelled backwards? Maybe not, but now our therapy dogs have come together to give even deeper healing through the practice of Dog Yoga or DOGA.


Yoga is an ancient spiritual, mental, and physical practice that offers a direct means of stilling the natural turbulence of our thoughts and feelings combining improved flexibility, posture and balance to strengthen and tone the body. This naturally results in stress reduction, more energy and better sleep. Through DOGA, the therapy dogs help us reach that level of calm, peace and physical wellness more rapidly. The dogs create an unforgettable experience for us to connect with ourselves while in their soothing presence.

Sandra Gin Shows Off Some Amazing Moves

Our experienced yoga teacher, Sandra Gin, has designed a gentle, all-levels yoga class together with the therapy dogs. She will take participants through a series of postures to open the body and calm the mind. This is done with a little help from our warm, loving comfort-dogs who will have the chance to join in on certain yoga postures. The dogs will bring a new meaning to "loving kindness" as they teach us to live in the present as dogs do. The DOGA session will leave participants feeling refreshed, grounded and infused with gratitude towards their new, furry friends, as well as their own minds and bodies. So bring your own yoga mat and get ready for a PAWS-ITIVELY relaxing experience!

Experience the Joy of Deep Relaxation
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