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400 West Hastings campus (corner of Homer & Hastings)

W A T C H   V I D E O 

Wednesday August 2nd

11:00 am - 1:00 pm

WATCH VIDEO - Past research has shown that interacting with an affectionate dog can reduce stress and anxiety, and improve mood. Based on these benefits, many universities have introduced doggy de-stress sessions to their campuses. (Read about the research the impact therapy dogs are making at the University of British Columbia.) These sessions offer a chance to interact with dogs, volunteers, and others in a relaxing setting. The Vancouver Film School realizes just how important this is, and is now bringing the Vancouver ecoVillage dogs to campus to celebrate DOGGY DESTRESS DAY!

Vancouver ecoVillage has a rigorous therapy-dog training program, which requires several months of training and testing. The therapy dogs are re-tested annually to ensure they keep displaying temperament that shows confidence, good manners, and sociability with other dogs and people. The dogs meet strict health requirements, are well-groomed and gentle at all times. They even do tricks to entertain and amuse. Most of all, these special dogs and their handlers have a therapeutic and calming influence on people in the community who have the pleasure of meeting them. 


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