Therapy    Dogs    at    Science    World

Tiny House Event - 20 May 2017

The Vancouver ecoVillage therapy dogs help promote Mental Health Wellness at Science World's Tiny House event. Science has proven that interacting with affectionate dogs can reduce stress and anxiety, improve mood, lower blood pressure and even decrease the perception of pain. (Read about the research the impact therapy dogs are making at the University of British Columbia.) 

Vancouver ecoVillage has a rigorous therapy-dog training program, which requires several months of training and testing. The therapy dogs are re-tested annually to ensure they keep displaying temperament that shows confidence, good manners, and sociability with other dogs and people. The dogs meet strict health requirements, are well-groomed and gentle at all times. They even do tricks to entertain and amuse. Most of all, these special dogs and their handlers have a therapeutic and calming influence on people in the community who have the pleasure of meeting them. 



Photos by John Tronco Nina Wood 

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