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17 JUNE 2019

Our Therapy Dogs are ready to help de-stress ST. JOHN'S SCHOOL students with lots of warm furry hugs and kisses. The students are seeking a caring and supportive environment during their exam period to alleviate stress. Recent studies have proven that animal-assisted therapy helps decrease blood pressure, cortisol and reduce overall anxiety. These sessions offer a chance to interact with dogs, volunteers and others in a relaxing setting. St. John's School realizes just how important this is, and is now bringing the Vancouver ecoVillage dogs to campus to celebrate DOGGY DESTRESS DAY!

Monday June 17th

1:00 - 3:00 pm

Vancouver ecoVillage has a rigorous therapy-dog training program, which requires several months of training and testing. The therapy dogs are re-tested annually to ensure they keep displaying temperament that shows confidence, good manners and sociability with other dogs and people. The dogs meet strict health requirements, are well-groomed and gentle at all times. They even do tricks to entertain and amuse. Most of all, these special dogs and their handlers have a therapeutic and calming influence on people in the community who have the pleasure of meeting them.

St. John's School is excited about welcoming these therapy dog teams on campus and can't wait to meet them!

Imagine if someone greeted you the way many people greet dogs. Rushing up, reaching in, and staring at you. Uncomfortable isn't it? When greeted with enthusiasm, you may notice some dogs back off or bark. This is because they can feel an uncomfortable energy coming from the greeter. Just like how humans can be uncomfortable when our personal space is being intruded by an enthusiastic greeter. How can you do better at interacting with dogs? Learn some basics that will hopefully allow for a more pleasant experience for you both.


Watch this video then click here...

Do you know how to greet a dog correctly? 



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