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Several of these animals are in desperate need of proper medical care which is unfortunately very expensive. Therefore, a few volunteers generously contribute their time to selling arts and crafts in order to raise money for their medical care and nourishment.


Vancouver Ecovillage is a nonprofit organization focusing on making our communities healthier, happier and more humane. Please help support our campaign to provide ongoing medical care and proper nourishment for the dogs and cats that bring us closer together through their love.


Our Foster Pets Program is run entirely by dedicated volunteers who save the lives of many dogs and cats. Over 70% homeless pets in Canada are not supported by the SPCA or organized animal shelters. 


Our program is called Foster Pets Rock! because our volunteers provide foster care for animals in distress when patients at hospitals and hospices have no way of caring for their animals at home. These animals are then taken to visit with their owners so that patients are never deprived of their love during their recovery process.


Many are taken in by foster homes and the caring volunteers are people just like you, with no particular training nor expertise in animal care and welfare. Our foster care is operated exclusively on donations which are allocated for high quality food, vaccinations, spaying/neutering, micro-chipping, pain medications, antibiotics and anything the animals need.


Our Foster Parents have taken in special needs animals, including dogs with curable illnesses such as Parvo and Demodex, pets needing surgery for torn ACLs, Entropion, broken limbs, pets hit by vehicles, blind dogs and cats and many others with special medical needs. The animals obtain required veterinary care and rehabilitation until they are ready for their forever homes. These foster homes are self-funded and operate below cost.


Your donation allows us to continue our rescue work and help save the lives of animals in need.  

Many of our products are carefully designed by Vancouver Ecovillage artists and artisans who work hard to combine state-of-the-art digital 3D technology and the highest quality materials to bring you their special works of art.


Our catalogue aims to bring you the most fun, unique and affordable animal themed bags, jewelry and gifts that will make you fall in love with all our adorable animals.


We've got a bit of everything for even the most devoted animal fan!


Don't see what you're looking for? Send us a message and we'll do our best help you!

Give the Gift of Compassion

Our Fostering Program is called Foster Pets Rock! because our volunteers provide foster care for animals in distress when patients at hospitals and hospices have no way of caring for their animals at home.


Frequently these animals are taken away by the SPCA where an uncertain fate awaits them and the patients never see their beloved pets again.


Our volunteers foster these animals at the patient's home or at their own home, and take them to see their owners in hospital so they are never deprived of the wonderful love of their pets. This often provides much comfort and helps relieve the anxiety many patients feel and indeed helps in their recovery process.


Please help us by volunteering or donating to our program.



100% of your donation goes towards providing proper medical care and food for the foster animals in our program

Please send a note with your donation

"For Foster Pets"


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